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The Insurance Claim Process in Cases Involving Business Interruption

If your business has suffered any kind of loss caused by fire, flooding or other types of weather events covered in your insurance policy, you will need to start the insurance claim process to obtain compensation from your insurer. Even in cases when the business interruption insurance policy covers the type of damage your commercial property has suffered, the claim process can be long and difficult, so it is absolutely crucial to act quickly and to proceed exactly in the way stipulated by your policy to be able to obtain the compensation you need.

A business interruption insurance is a policy that includes not only coverage for the property itself, but special, additional coverage for your loss of income caused by the disruption, the costs of having to move to other premises during the reconstruction of your property, the costs of renting new offices and equipment.

As you see, such an insurance policy is a really valuable document that enables your business venture to function even in difficult times, but the insurance claim process will require you to take care of documenting your case and submitting your case file.

Your documentation will have to contain a detailed assessment of the damage, evidence to substantiate your claim, written estimates of the repair costs and different forms required by your insurer. Every insurance company has its own file submission protocol in place, so you must be very careful to comply with every formal and content-related requirement if you want to win your case.

The next phase of the insurance claim process is meeting the adjuster sent by your insurer and starting the negotiations to reach a compensation settlement. This phase is maybe the most nerve-wrecking, as you will need to justify and fight for every penny in your claim. The settlement proposed by your insurer will probably be much lower than the sum you are claiming, and you will have to list powerful arguments to convince the other party to pay what you are entitled to.

If you consider damage compensation too difficult to handle on your own, you can hire professionals to take care of your damage recovery case. Independent public adjusters are insurance professionals who represent their clients in damage compensation cases and who can guarantee that you will obtain the highest possible compensation.

If you need qualified help with your insurance claim process, you can turn to Liberty Claims Adjusters – this nationwide company has vast experience in handling business interruption insurance cases with success and they will surely be able to help you make the most of your case.

Tropical Storm Andrea

Tropical Storm Andrea

Tropical Storm AndreaThe first storm of the 2013 hurricane season is Tropical Storm Andrea. Florida has been getting hit with torrential rains and winds near 60 mph.

Most of Florida’s west coast is under a tropical storm warning as well as parts of the east coast and some counties have tornado alerts in effect.

West coast Florida residents can expect flooding, storm surge and wind damage to their properties.  If your property sustains damage consider hiring a public adjuster to help you file your claim and make sure you get the amount you deserve.  If you have questions email or call Fred Greene directly at 888-595-6976.

Tips to making your property damage insurance claim easier

The 2013 Hurricane season is off to a strong start in Florida with constant storms and excess rain causing damage to properties.  In the midwest Oklahoma and Texas along with other states have sadly been devastated by tornadoes.

Some things you as a homeowners should consider doing as a preventative measure is taking an inventory of all your personal property.  Insurance claims can get tricky when it comes to paying property owners for personal property and when they factor in depreciation.   A great free resource is the Know Your Stuff Home Inventory websiteto put an inventory list together that can get you what you deserve when it comes time to file a claim.

Also, its recommended that you review your policy coverage and take a look at what’s covered, what’s not covered and what your deductibles are.

If you’re not sure about your coverage the public adjusters at Liberty Claims Adjusters offer a preferred client program where they can review your policy coverages and thoroughly explain what you have in place.


Filing Fire Damage Claims – Tips and Advice

Fire and smoke are two of the most common causes of property damage, and fire damage claims make up a significant percentage of all insurance claims. Getting the right amount of compensation in these cases is possible only if your case file is prepared and submitted the right way and if it contains all the necessary documents, so here are a few tips how to proceed with fire insurance claims if you are to make the most of your compensation claim.

1.    Know Your Policy

The first step of a fire insurance claim process is to study your insurance policy. You need to know exactly what is and what is not covered in your policy to be able to determine the best course of action.

2.    Document the Damage

Fire damage claims are all about accuracy and substantiated evidence. To be able to make the most of your case, you need solid evidence of everything that happened. You need to record the date of fire, take pictures of everything damaged, including rooms, roofing and personal properties.

3.    Obtain Repair Estimates in Writing

One of the most important documents in fire damage claims is the damage estimate. This document will determine the sum to claim from your insurer, so you should hire only licensed and reputable contractors to calculate your estimates for you.

4.    Submit Your Case File and Start the Negotiations with the Insurer

After putting together your case file, you need to submit it to the insurance company. Once they receive your documentation, they will make their own calculations and propose a settlement, which you can accept or refuse and enter into negotiations with them. This is maybe the most difficult part of the entire fire insurance claim process because you will need to prove that you are entitled to every dollar in your claim, and your insurer will probably try to prove that you are not.

If you feel that the process is overwhelming and way too complicated, you can turn to the services of qualified insurance claim adjusters. These companies can handle the entire process for you, from the initial assessment of the damage to the negotiations with your insurer.

If you need professional help form experienced and reputable public adjusters, you can check out the website of Liberty Claims Adjusters – this nationwide company works with only the best insurance professionals and they have a very long track record of handling fire damage claims successfully, making building recovery quick and allowing their clients to put the trauma behind and get their life back as soon as possible after the disaster.

Living in Texas, but Claiming Compensation in another State – the Advantages of Hiring a Texas Public Adjuster That Offers Nationwide Coverage

Texas Public Adjuster | Florida Public Adjuster

If you need to file a property insurance claim, the best way to proceed is to hire a public insurance adjuster to handle your claim – if you have a home in Illinois, but your claim or need a public adjuster in Texas, for example, a public adjuster firm that operates in multiple states is best, because, this way, you can have professionals with much more coverage as well as experience and it can serve to your advantage when it comes time to get paid by your property insurance company.

To stick to the example, here is what a Texas public adjuster, a public adjuster in Florida or any multi-state licensed public adjuster can do for you:

  • They can evaluate your property insurance claim right from the very beginning. This is very important because the initial assessment will include the case documentation process as well, and the earlier you turn to the services of adjusters, the more estimate of damages they can compile to prove your case.
  • They can put together and submit your insurance claim as required by your insurer. If your property has suffered any damage, you are probably going through a very stressful period and you need to focus on things more important than filling out forms and collecting expert opinions, yet these documents are crucial if you are to obtain a fair compensation.
  • They can handle the negotiations with your insurer. Insurance companies usually try to minimize the compensation they have to pay, but having a skilled, experienced negotiator by your side can help you win your case.

Working with a nationwide company is useful if you live in one state, but the property that has been damaged is located in another. To use the Texas example again, if you live in Texas, but the property damage happened in Pennsylvania or Illinois and you work with a Texas public adjuster who handles cases only locally, he may not be familiar with Pennsylvania or Illinois law and he may not be authorized to work in another state. If you turn to a firm with nationwide coverage, your adjuster in Texas will be able to contact the Pennsylvania public adjuster office or get help from the Illinois public adjuster colleague and give you the know-how that you need to win your case.

If you are looking for an adjuster company that offers such wide coverage, you can have a look at what Liberty Public Claims Adjusters have to offer. The company has grown from a local Florida public adjuster office to a firm with public adjusters all over the country and they have already helped thousands of clients get the compensation they were entitled to. If you live in Texas and you need a Texas public adjuster to handle your claim in Texas or another state, the adjusters at Liberty Claims Adjusters are at your service.

Do you accept first offer from an insurance claims adjuster?

If you decided to handle your own property insurance claim be prepared for the headache the insurance company will put you through. But if you’re bored and decide you’re for a frustrating calls with reps at the insurance company then here are some things to keep in mind while handling your own property insurance claim.

Almost every company in the claims industry uses claim estimating software (costs approximately $2,100 annually). What this does is compiles cost data for just about everything you can imagine when it comes to restoring a property to its pre loss condition. So if you’re in Illinois costs for everything from nails to paint labor cost will be different from the costs of nails and paint labor costs in Pennsylvania.

So if you’re asking yourself should I accept the first offer my insurance adjuster offers me. You need to first ask yourself how much do you know about the true costs of restoring your property to a pre loss state.    Remember insurance companies are based on a simple model, they bet the law of averages so the more policies they have based on their criteria the less potential claims they expect to have.  So on that note they also wager that the property owner if not represented by a public insurance adjuster will not have a clue as to what the true cost of their claim is.

If you’re having questions about a property damage claim or are struggling with an existing claim or even feel you did not get nearly enough on a past insurance claim contact a public insurance adjuster at Liberty Claims Adjusters, we can help!

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Get Insurance Claim Help From a Public Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Claim Help

Fire damage claims, can be an extremely difficult process with your insurance company. A public insurance adjuster can step in and provide your fire insurance claim help at a time when you don’t need the extra burden.  If you have never filed an insurance claim with your insurance company you may be in the dark as to what will be needed document wise and if you’re unfamiliar with property restoration costs and repairs how are you to know that the amount you are being offered by insurance company is enough.  A public insurance adjuster can handle both the claims process as well as ensuring your receive top dollar from your insurance so you have enough to replace and repair everything that may been damaged or destroyed by the fire.

With insurance claim help for your fire damage from a public insurance adjuster you will save time and the frustration of directly having to deal with your insurance company, you can focus on getting your affairs in order and tending to your family.

The team at Liberty Claims Adjusters can help you with your insurance claims.  Our Florida public adjuster, Texas public adjuster, Illinois public adjuster, Pennsylvania public adjuster are available to provide you with a free insurance claim help consultation.

Liberty Claims Adjusters also has public adjusters in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Virginia, New Jersey, Conneticut, Alabama, Arizona, Wyoming, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, California and New York.


Public Adjuster are on Your Side

If someone filed a law suit against you, would you represent yourself? Or, would you call the party suing you and say, “You already have an attorney. Can I just use yours?” Would any of these options protect you?

Now, do you let the IRS to handle your tax return for you? Do you expect the IRS to find every tax deduction for you so that you can get the biggest refund?

Do you file your own tax returns, or do you hire a tax preparation professional or tax prep software to prepare your tax return for you?

Reasons to use a Public Adjuster

1. You need an expert to help you file your insurance claim
2. Insurance Policies are written by the insurance companies and are written so they hard to understand intentionally
3. Do you have the time to learn about the ins and outs your insurance policy
4. Do you have the time to learn the insurance claims process
4. People are busy with work, family, and everyday life to handle their own insurance claim.
5. Public Adjuster help the policyholder get upto 700% more on their insurance claim

A Public adjuster has to be licensed and public adjusters are regulated by the Insurance Department of your state. Some states have and strict licensing requirements for public adjuster.

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Many people feel that the policyholder should just trust the insurance company and their adjuster to do the right thing, and not ever question them. Now, does that make any sense at all?

Insurance company adjuster can play games with their policyholders.  They do this because they are upset that their compensation by the insurance company will be affected because the public adjuster will fight for you the policyholder to get the most for your claim and the insurance company adjuster is paid a bonus on the least amount he can pay on your claim.

Why You Need a Public Adjuster

What Is A Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a claims adjuster that is licensed by insurance regulators of different states to work exclusively for the benefit of the policy holder / property owner. To become a public adjuster is a rigorous process in the State of Florida. Some requirements to become a public adjuster are an apprenticeship, $50,000 surety bond and a state licensing exam are required. What Is The Difference Between A Public Adjuster And The Insurance Company’s Adjuster? Public Adjuster are contracted by the property owner / policy holder, and their fiduciary responsibility is to you. The insurance company’s adjuster is employed by the insurance company and their responsibility and duty is to their employer, their instructions come from their employer, not from you. For example if you have State Farm and you need to file an insurance claim and contact State Farm they will send their company insurance adjuster or an independent adjuster contracted by them to come to your property and begin the insurance claim process. Their objective is to pay out as little as possible on your claim. Now you can hire a public adjuster at any time to represent you during the insurance claim process. Their objective is to ensure you receive the amount you deserve for that insurance claims and aren’t taken advantage of by the insurance company’s adjuster.

What If I Have Already Been Paid and The Insurance Company Has Closed Their File. Is It Too Late For a Public Adjuster To Help?

No. Florida along with other states generally allow up to five years to file a supplemental claim from the date of loss. If you do not believe you were paid the right amount and would like us to review your claim, just let us know. Our public adjuster will provide a free claim audit.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Public Adjuster?

Filing an insurance claim can be a daunting and complex task. There are just too many details and variables which arise that can be easily overlooked and that if missed can be used against you by the insurance company. A Public Adjuster will almost always obtain greater settlements than you could on your own. Remember they have the skill in evaluating, estimating, and appraising. Also, their experience with the “ins and outs” of the insurance industry and various insurance companies’ procedures. The experience and training a public adjuster has will yield a better final result. Ask yourself how many insurance claims have you worked on, do you know the true value of replacing a roof or of each individual item it takes to repair water damage walls? These costs vary from city to city, costs such as labor and materials. And your insurance company will use a standard value and apply it nationwide, now is that fair to you? A painter may charge $100 and hour in New Jersey and only $65 and hour in Florida, and the insurance company is only offering you $25 an hour for paint labor The State of Florida recently released the results of an extensive report on what Citizens Property Insurance claims, and found that public adjusters, on average, obtained more than 700% on claim settlements.

What Property Policyholders Need to Know

Winter Storm Nemo caused severe property damage throughout the northeast leaving several property owners having to now file insurance claims to recover losses.

The following is a press release provided by the State of Connecticut Insurance Department:

With the potential for damage to homes and vehicles from the coming snowstorm, Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Thomas B. Leonardi is offering policyholders tips on preparing for the storm and filing claims if there is property loss.

“One of the most important things consumers can do right now is take stock of what they have. Take the time now to make a home inventory or update an existing one,” Commissioner Leonardi said. “This will be extremely helpful should the need arise to file a claim. Do not hesitate to contact the Insurance Department if you have questions or complaints.”

Next time, things to think about before a storm hits:

  • Keep your policy and other important documents together in a safe place.
  • Review your policy to understand your coverage – call your company or agent if you have questions.
  • Create or update your home inventor.
  • Take photos of your possessions.
  • Note model and serial numbers.
  • Assemble original sales receipts and/or appraisal documents.

After the storm:

  • Call your insurance company’s 24-hour claims phone number as soon as possible; provide policy number and other relevant information and documents.
  • Take photographs/video of the damage.
  • Make repairs necessary to prevent further damage, but do not make permanent repairs until your insurance company inspects the damage.
  • Save all receipts from temporary repairs.
  • Keep a diary of all conversations, e-mails and other correspondence with the company.

Winter damage coverage: (Note: policies may vary in coverage. Contact your agent or the Insurance Department with questions about the specifics of your policy):

Snow removal – Homeowners’ insurance does not cover injuries to the homeowner during snow removal. However, snow removal professionals should be covered under their own liability policies.

Ice dams: Interior or exterior damage caused by an ice dam on a roof is generally covered, however many policies do not pay for ice dam removal.

Frozen pipes: Most policies cover pipe replacement and water damage. However, coverage may not apply if you turned off the furnace for the winter without winterizing the home.

Tree Damage:  In general, the policyholder of the property that is damaged by a falling tree – not the tree owner – should file the claim with his or her insurance company.  The insurance policy covers the cost to remove the tree from the damaged property and the resulting damage, minus the deductible. If the tree damaged a covered structure, the claim would be made on the homeowner’s policy. If the tree damaged a vehicle, the claim would be made on the auto insurance policy.

Storm power outages: An all-risk policy generally pays for spoiled food, damage caused by loss of power and appliances damaged by the outage. Most policies will pay for shelter when you lose power for extended periods of time.

Storm power outages: An all-risk policy generally pays for damage caused by loss of power and appliances damaged by the outage.  Check your policy to see if it covers spoiled food. Most policies will not pay for shelter when you lose power for extended periods of time unless there is damage to the home that causes it to be uninhabitable.

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