Public adjusters differ from company or independent adjusters in that we work for you, the policyholder, as your advocate in settling claims.

When a policyholder suffers a property loss and notifies their insurance carrier, an independent or company adjuster will be sent out to the damaged property to adjust the claim. Serving the insurance company’s interests first and foremost, they are notorious for attempting to minimize, delay or outright deny claims.

Thankfully, you have the option of hiring a public adjuster to protect your interests. At Liberty Claims Adjusters, our team of licensed public adjusters is highly skilled in settling claims and will work hard to maximize your settlement. WE DON’T GET PAID UNTIL YOU GET PAID BY YOUR INSURANCE.

Our list of services include:

  • Complete a highly detailed estimate of the damage to your property’s structure and contents and appropriately valuate necessary repairs
  • Aid you in documenting the loss of your personal or business belongings and make sure that you are fairly compensated
  • Help you obtain temporary housing until repairs are completed if your home was devastated by an insured loss
  • Prepare and file your business interruption claim if your business and income have been crippled by property losses
  • Handle all negotiations with your insurance carrier and their adjusters on your behalf, ensuring that you receive a maximum claim payment

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Types of Claims

Home Owners

Types of Losses

Natural Disaster
Roof Damage
Dropped Object
Theft & Vandalism
Loss by Collapse
Vehicle Striking Property
Business Interruption