Insurance coverage for condominiums can be more difficult to ascertain than policies for single family housing. Condo property is shared with many owners, so whether you’re the owner of a condominium complex, or you rent or own a single unit, your coverage can seem somewhat abstract.

A condominium will typically carry a homeowner’s association policy that covers the exterior structure and common areas of the complex, also extending to the drywall of a condo unit. This coverage protects against fire, water damage (from roof leaks), some pipe bursts and weather events. For example, if the clubhouse or pool area is severely damaged or destroyed by windstorm damage, such an event would be insured.

For a condo resident to protect the contents of their unit, a separate unit owner’s policy MUST be acquired. The protection offered by this type of coverage extends from the paint on the drywall to all of the contents within in a single unit. However, damage that affects a single condo unit can also impact the structural integrity of adjoining units. For example, a hot water heater or toilet can leak in one unit and lead to water damage in surrounding units as well.

When it comes to condominiums and insured losses, there are often many different entities and individuals involved that complicate the claims process. Each resident will likely have their own separate insurance and differing opinions regarding repair protocols. Governing documents may also conflict, creating confusion in regards to who is obligated to make the repairs. Additionally, when the insurance carriers get involved, they may try to minimize or delay claims.

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Our claims specialists will assess — and complete a detailed estimate for — all damage that resulted from the insured event.

We will help condo residents document all personal belongings that were damaged in order to ensure appropriate compensation.

In the event of a catastrophe, we will help condo residents obtain temporary housing until their units are repaired.

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