Home Owners

Damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, water or vandalism can have a devastating impact on a residence and its inhabitants. Your home is your most precious possession. However, there are times when a residential building is severely damaged almost to the point that it is deemed uninhabitable.

For example, water damage, due to sewage backup or flooding, can be compounded by the presence of contaminants, which may create a toxic environment that is unsafe for your family.

A hurricane or tornado can severely compromise – or altogether destroy — the structure and contents of a residence.

Fire and smoke damage can cause extensive structural damage and destroy personal belongings. Hard-to-clean residues and repellent odors that linger in a home after a fire must also be professionally removed before a home can be inhabited again.

Whether you live in a single family house or an apartment, the loss of your property and personal belongings can be very distressing. As a homeowner, you pay insurance to protect your family from disaster. In turn, you expect your insurance carrier to protect you after an insured event. However, insurance companies, not wanting to pay a big settlement, hire adjusters to look out for their interests. What often results is extensive delays and underpaid claims. If your residence is impacted by a loss, you deserve a fast, fair recovery.

Whether your residential loss is small or large, Liberty Claims Adjusters will work hard to maximize and expedite your recovery. We will handle everything for you: From identifying areas of coverage that apply in your home insurance policy, to helping you file your claim, to assisting in finding temporary housing if your home was severely damaged due to a catastrophe. Most importantly of all, we will help you document every personal belonging that was destroyed by the insured event and make sure that you are appropriately compensated by your insurance carrier.

Contact Liberty Claims Adjusters today! You can count on our licensed team of public adjusters to look out for your interests. UNTIL YOUR INSURANCE PAYS YOU, YOU DON’T PAY US.