Loss by Collapse


A loss by collapse occurs when either an entire building, or a section of a building, suddenly falls down or caves in. This not only endangers the well-being of a building’s occupants, it can also lead to the destruction of their personal belongings. Moreover, a building collapse can temporarily leave a person without a home or a business to return to.

Causes of Loss by Collapse Include:

  • Hidden decay
  • Damage by vermin or insects
  • Vibration (due to nearby construction)
  • Defective building materials
  • Sinkholes

Insurance policies often have exclusions for collapse. Instead, this specific form of loss or damage can be provided under “Additional Coverage for Collapse.” There are often many stipulations that go along with this “other coverage” that can make the process of interpreting policies, assessing damage and filing claims very complicated.

Furthermore, insurance policies contain very specific definitions of “collapse,” which your carrier may leverage to try and minimize your claim. For example, if the building is still standing, it may not qualify as a “collapse.”

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  • If your residence is uninhabitable, our public adjusters can help you obtain temporary housing until repairs are completed.
  • If your business has been rendered inoperable, and your income has suffered, we will prepare and file a business interruption claim on your behalf.

If your home or business has been impacted by a building collapse, contact Liberty Claims Adjusters without delay. Our licensed public adjusters will work hard to obtain a maximized settlement for you. Also, keep in mind that YOU DON’T PAY US UNTIL YOU GET PAID.