Dropped Object


You take great pride in the attractive tile, wood or stone flooring that decorates your business or residence. However, one day, as you are going about your daily routine, you look down and notice large cracks, holes or gouges in the floor. You come to realize that a heavy object that had dropped onto the surface resulted in some serious damage.

Types of Floor Damage Caused by a Falling Object

When a heavy object is dropped on a ceramic, porcelain or stone tile floor, it can cause the tiles to become chipped, scratched or cracked. Entire pieces of tile may break off if the object is especially heavy, and cracked tiles may loosen over time.

Hardwood floors are also especially prone to surface damage. Dropping a heavy object on hardwood can result in unsightly gouges or holes.

Unless the damage to your floor was the direct result of a faulty installation, you may be entitled to receive a full replacement. However, the insurance company’s adjusters will often try to “patch and repair” a floor that has been damaged by a dropped object – even if it seems all too apparent that a full replacement is in order when matching materials are not available or have been discontinued.

The claims process can be especially frustrating when floor damage is involved. Going back and forth with your insurance carrier can be very draining. Moreover, if the damaged or chipped floor happens to be located within a busy commercial building with a high volume of foot traffic, the repair/replacement process can be especially lengthy and disruptive to your customers.

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Our professional public adjusters will document and provide an appropriate estimate for all floor damage that resulted from the impact of a heavy object. We will prepare and file your claim, and our team will meet with your insurance company and their adjusters to negotiate a fair settlement for you.

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