Fire Damage Claims Adjusters

A fire can be the most destructive and traumatic disaster that can happen…everyone’s worst nightmare…

Evaluating the true damage of a property’s structure and contents, caused by a fire, can be extremely complex. Even areas that appear to be unaffected by the fire itself may be impacted by smoke, which spreads through the structure of a building, causing additional damage, health issues and leaving intolerable odors. Moreover, different types of fire produce different types of smoke, which further complicates fire/smoke damage claims.

Types of Fire Damage

  • Protein Fire

Protein fires include stove top grease fires and the burning of meats and other forms of living tissue. Protein fires leave little-to-no trace of visible smoke residue.

  • Wood and Paper Fire

Fire occurring in attics, in homes with a wooden structure and trash can fires are all forms of wood and paper fire.

  • Synthetic Fire

Fires involving upholstered furnishings, carpeting and plastics, as well as electrical fires, all fall under “synthetic fires.” Due to the toxic chemical makeup of many items, if unaddressed, this type of fire can have the greatest impact on the occupant’s health.

Types of Smoke Damage

  • Wet Smoke Damage

Wet smoke is produced by low-heat smoldering fire and leaves a strong odor. It is very difficult to clean due to smearing “smoke webs.”

  • Dry Smoke Damage

Dry smoke is produced by fast-burning fires at high temperatures and leaves a dry, powdery residue.

  • Protein Smoke Damage

Protein residue is difficult to detect with the human eye, but it leaves a strong odor and may discolor a property’s paints and varnishes.

  • Fuel Oil Smoke Damage

Fuel oil smoke is caused by oil furnace puff-backs and can ruin upholstered furnishings, such as couches or carpets as well as coating the entire interior of the affected property.

If your residence or place of business was impacted by fire and smoke damage, you may feel that you have a long road ahead. Filing a claim with your insurance carrier is an essential step toward recovery. However, you may receive an estimate that is grossly insufficient for covering your losses. If your insurance carrier is trying to underpay you, hire a public adjuster to protect your interests.

Liberty Claims Adjusters can come to your business or residence and help you detail all of the belongings that were impacted by fire and smoke damage. Whether your claim is small or large – even in the event of a total loss — our professional public adjusters will stand by you and help you obtain the true value of your precious possessions.

We will carefully survey your property to assess the extent to which fire, smoke, heat and moisture impacted the structure, foundation and contents of the building.

Our team will help you find temporary housing if necessary, and handle the filing of business interruption claims if your income has suffered.

If your home or business was affected by fire and smoke damage, and you want an advocate that will protect your interests, call Liberty Claims Adjusters today. We will help you maximize your settlement, and remember… WE DON’T GET PAID UNTIL YOUR INSURANCE PAYS YOU.