Floods occur in all 50 states. In fact, no matter where you live, you are in a FEMA-identified flood zone. The level of risk varies from area to area, but even if you’ve never experienced such an event to date, your property and belongings can be still be impacted by severe water damage due to a flood.

Tropical storms, hurricanes, heavy rainfall and clogged drainage systems can lead to flooding. Even a single inch of water can cause immense damage to the structure and contents of a business or residence. Floods may also bring unsanitary “grey water” or “black water” into a property, which causes health threats and further complicates the recovery process.

Worst of all, storm surge and flash floods can produce walls of water that are 10 to 30 feet high. Carrying massive amounts of debris, these deadly forces of nature can uproot trees and destroy entire buildings.

Acquiring Flood Coverage

It is important to note that HOMEOWNERS POLICIES DO NOT PROVIDE COVERAGE FOR FLOODS. In order to acquire flood coverage, you will need to obtain a separate policy of flood insurance, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) by FEMA, through an insurance agent. You can find out if your community is participating in the National Flood Insurance Program by looking up your state in the NFIP Community Status Book.

There are many differences between flood and homeowners policies. Flood insurance only covers losses resulting from rising water and storm surge. Homeowners and flood insurance do not overlap or duplicate coverage but instead complement each another.

The experienced professionals of Liberty Claims Adjusters have a thorough understanding of NFIP and flood loss claims. If your home was impacted by water damage due to a flood, our licensed public adjusters will help you prepare and file your claim to ensure that you receive the maximum payment.

Our compassionate team will help you document all of your personal belongings that were lost or ruined in the flood, and we will fight to make sure that you are appropriately compensated. Our public adjusters will leave no stone unturned in assessing the water damage affecting your place of business or residence. We will help you obtain temporary housing, or assist you in filing a business interruption claim, if your business was incapacitated by a flood.

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