Get a Maximum Settlement for Your Hurricane Damage Claim

Florida property owners are all too familiar with hurricanes and the destruction they cause. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to protect your business or personal property, catastrophic damage may still occur.

Lower category hurricanes can cause minor-to-extensive damage to a property’s roof, siding and gutters. Trees and power lines are often damaged or uprooted, possibly leading to further property damage and a total loss of power. Hurricane storm surges can also lead to extensive water and mold damage.

Major hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage, severely compromising — or altogether removing — a property’s roof decking and structure. Exterior walls can also be damaged and may collapse entirely. The most powerful tropical cyclones can cause total destruction to a property’s structure and contents.

When unforeseen disaster strikes, you deserve a full recovery as fast as possible. Don’t let your insurance give you the run-around. Hire an advocate that will fight hard for your full recovery.

Call Liberty Claims Adjusters to Receive a Fair Settlement – Fast!

At Liberty Claims Adjusters, we have extensive knowledge of insurance policies and years of experience helping Florida property owners obtain maximized settlements for hurricane claims. Our public adjusters can also help you obtain temporary housing if needed.

Through careful inspection, we will fully outline your business or residence’s structural damage and factor in long-term impacts from the hurricane.

We will negotiate with your insurance company to ensure that you receive the appropriate amount you are owed under your policy. Moreover, if your business was hit by a hurricane, and your income suffered, we will aid you in filing and negotiating a business interruption claim.

Aside from structural damage, the loss of your belongings is perhaps the more distressing aspect of having your place of business or residence impacted by a hurricane. Our public adjusters will help you document every item that was destroyed and make sure that you are compensated for your losses. We are always on your side, and YOU DON’T PAY US UNTIL YOUR INSURANCE PAYS YOU!

Contact Liberty Claims Adjusters today — The sooner you meet with our licensed professionals, the faster we can work to maximize your claim settlement.