Natural Disaster


Natural disasters cause widespread devastation and incomparable losses. Examples of natural disasters that threaten property owners in the United States include hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, and landslides.

Types of Damage Resulting from Natural Disasters

  • Tornadoes and hurricanes can cause extensive structural damage to homes and buildings, tear off roofs and expose properties to extensive hail and water damage. Buildings, and their contents, can be completely destroyed by these catastrophic storms.
  • The seismic vibrations that are generated during earthquakes can cause a building to sway, which can have a severe impact on the foundation of its structure and may lead to a collapse. Be aware that to be protected from earthquake damage, a separate rider or policy will be required.
  • Floods can cause immense damage to the structure and contents of a building and may expose a building to highly toxic “black water.” NOTE THAT A FLOOD INSURANCE POLICY FROM NFIP IS REQUIRED TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM FLOODS, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT IN A ‘FLOOD ZONE’ AND ARE DAMAGED BY AN UNUSUAL  FLOODING OCCURRENCE.
  • Wildfires can completely destroy a property. Buildings that do remain standing can be severely compromised structurally and may be covered in toxic residues and intolerable odors.
  • Even at early-stage movements, a landslide can severely damage the structure of a building caught in its path. Major landslides can completely destroy a structure and its contents.

If you are without a home, or your business is incapacitated, due to a natural disaster, you must file a claim with your insurance carrier to begin your recovery. Unfortunately, it is common for claims to be delayed during times when entire communities are impacted by widespread devastation. You deserve a maximized settlement as soon as possible – our licensed public adjusters can help.

Liberty Claims Adjusters has helped residential and commercial property owners all across the country recover from natural disasters. Ensuring that you receive a fair settlement for you losses is always our top priority.

Our public adjusters will assess all structural damage that occurred as a result of a natural disaster and document any personal possessions that were destroyed. We will make sure that you are appropriately compensated by your insurance carrier for your property and precious belongings.

We will help you obtain temporary housing or file a business interruption claim if necessary.

All negotiations with your insurance company and their adjuster will be handled by our public adjusters on your behalf to save you from having to deal with added stress.

If your property has been damaged, due to a natural disaster, contact Liberty Claims Adjusters today. Have peace of mind in knowing that we are there for you, as your advocate, in your time of need. Remember, YOU DON’T PAY US UNTIL YOUR INSURANCE PAYS YOU.