Pipe bursts and leaks are highly common occurrences. A leaky air conditioning unit, hot water heater or dishwasher can, over time, cause extensive water damage to the structure and contents of a business or residence. In northern climates, unexpected freezing can also cause pipes to burst.

Moreover, in both new and old properties, weak pipes can burst inside the walls, under a sink, and beneath your slab, also leading to catastrophic water damage.

To make matters worse, if a sewer line backs up and leads to the discharge of water from the sewer system, your business or residence may be affected by “black water.” This highly contaminated form of water can make a property uninhabitable until restoration is complete.

When filing claims for plumbing damage, policyholders in Florida are often surprised to find that their insurance carriers only provide compensation for the water damage that ensued from the broken pipe. The insurance company also owes for the access to the pipe, the build back of the access area, and in some cases they owe for the pipe replacement if a reroute is an acceptable method of repair. However, you can rest assured that the licensed public adjusters of Liberty Claims Adjusters will fight to ensure that you receive an appropriate settlement for your losses.

When you contact Liberty Claims Adjusters, our public adjusters will handle all of the headaches for you. Filing plumbing damage claims can be a decidedly complex affair that requires a wealth of knowledge in various forms of construction and plumbing. Our team of professionals is highly experienced in correctly filing these claims and negotiating with your insurance company for a maximized settlement. Moreover, we can recommend plumbers and water extraction specialists to help further expedite the recovery of your property.

We will help you document all personal belongings that were damaged and work hard to ensure you receive fair compensation.

If you need temporary housing, we can help you. Furthermore, if your business suffered as a result of plumbing damage and ensuing water damage, we will prepare and file a business interruption claim for you.

You can depend on our public adjusters’ experience and expertise to help you receive a maximum payment for your claim.

Contact Liberty Claims Adjusters today. We are your advocate, protecting your interests.