Roof Damage


Hail, sinkholes, ice, wind storm damage and building collapse can all cause varying degrees of roof damage. Minor forms of roof damage can be difficult to perceive — after all, a roof usually looks fine from the ground. You may also feel that something minor, like hail damage to your roof, is no cause for alarm. However, what initially seems like a small issue can escalate into major leaks and water damage impacting your property’s structure and contents down the road.

Obvious types of roof damage:

  • Lost or broken shingles
  • Lost or broken roof tiles
  • Uplifted roof membrane
  • Roof leaks
  • Removal of roof decking
  • Removal of gable ends

Non-Obvious types of roof damage:

  • Separation of nails between roof trusses and sheathing
  • The twisting of roof equipment

On the major end of the roof damage spectrum, hurricanes and tornadoes can lead to the breach and loss of large portions of roof structure. The most catastrophic storms can result in total roof failure. Severe storm winds can penetrate a building and generate uplifting internal pressures that can blow off the roof entirely. In such events, not only is the structure of your property completely compromised, you may also suffer the loss of your personal belongings as well.

Whether you are dealing with minor or major roof damage, you deserve to have an advocate on your side when filing a claim with your insurance. At Liberty Claims Adjusters, not only do we understand the ins-and-outs of insurance policies, we also have the expertise to identify and provide appropriate valuation for all forms of roof damage and loss. As your advocate, our team of licensed public adjusters will help you obtain a maximum claim payment for your losses.

Our goal is to help you during your recovery. If you need a temporary residence while the structure and cosmetics of your roof are being repaired, we can assist you. We will also file a business interruption claim for you if your income has suffered.

Moreover, if roof damage resulted in the loss of your personal belongings, our team will help you properly document each and every item to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation from your insurance carrier.

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