Theft & Vandalism


As property owners, we take great care to keep our homes and businesses safe from theft and vandalism. We install security alarms, lock our doors, and secure our windows. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to protect all that we’ve worked so hard to obtain, there are times when unscrupulous people may wrongfully damage or steal our property and personal belongings.

Types of vandalism include:

  • Breaking windows
  • Damaging doors and locks
  • Ransacking a property
  • Tagging or spraying paint
  • Flooding a home by clogging the sink and leaving the water running

If your belongings were wrongfully taken from your business or residence, or deliberate, malicious damage was done to your property, you must file a claim with your insurance to recover from your losses.

Theft and vandalism claims are among the most complex and difficult types of cases to resolve and can be especially stressful for the policyholder.

Presenting the insurance company with detailed documentation of stolen or vandalized property is highly important. Providing photos, videos, receipts and credit card statements that prove ownership can help you obtain the settlement you are owed.

A police report also greatly substantiates the theft or vandalism claim. Make sure you file a police report immediately after a burglary. If you find that the police report fails to document any belongings that have been stolen or vandalized, be sure to contact the police again to have the report updated. Also, be sure to notify your insurance company after you’ve filed a supplemental police report.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are rather notorious for providing lowball estimates for stolen or vandalized property. They seek estimates from companies with buying power and hire adjusters that look out for their interests. You deserve to have someone on your side that will work hard to maximize and expedite your recovery.

If your business or personal property was stolen or vandalized, Liberty Claims Adjusters can be there for you every step of the way.

Our goal is to help you recover the appropriate value of your stolen or vandalized property.

  • Our experienced public adjusters will perform a very detailed review of your insurance policy to identify areas of coverage that apply.
  • Our team of professionals will assess all forms of property vandalism, including damage to walls, windows, doors and locks.
  • You can count on us to help you document all of your stolen belongings.
  • We will prepare and file a claim for your theft or vandalism losses.
  • As your advocate, we will negotiate with your insurance carrier to obtain the maximum claim payment for you.
  • If theft or vandalism impacted your income or business operations in any way, we will file a business interruption claim.

If your business or residential property has been impacted by theft or vandalism, contact Liberty Claims Adjusters today at 888-595-6976. YOU DON’T PAY US UNTIL YOUR INSURANCE PAYS YOU.