Vehicle Striking Property


Property owners never expect a vehicle to crash through their place of business or residence, but these occurrences are surprisingly frequent. Often, when a vehicle strikes a residential building, it is declared uninhabitable, due to the enormous structural damage that is caused. Temporary housing is needed until repairs are completed. Moreover, if a car should crash through a commercial building, business operations are abruptly stopped and remain incapacitated until the building is once again safe to occupy, leading to severe losses in income.

Types of Damage Due to a Vehicle Striking a Building

When a vehicle crashes through a building, it can cause major damage to walls, doors, windows, flooring and may even compromise the very foundation of the structure. The impact of a vehicle can shake an entire building and cause structural cracks. Personal belongings can also be damaged or destroyed by this type of disaster.

Furthermore, a vehicle may strike a water line, gas meter or electric utility meter and destroy pipes. In such cases, a fire can break out, exacerbating the damage.

If your life is on hold, due to a vehicle striking your property, you deserve a fast, fair recovery. Insurance companies are notorious for delaying claims and offering low-ball settlements. Fortunately, you have an ally that can handle all claims-related stress and help you recover as soon as possible.

Liberty Claims Adjusters is greatly experienced in handling claims involving vehicles hitting buildings. Our public adjusters have helped policyholders obtain maximized settlements that greatly exceed their insurance carrier’s initial offer for years. We will spare you the stress of preparing and filing claims by yourself and help you document all of your personal belongings that were damaged or destroyed due to the vehicle that hit your property.

Our expertise and unbiased relationships with building contractors and structural engineers allows us to assess all damage that occurred due to the vehicle striking your property and provide a detailed estimate.

Whether your business or residence was impacted, we will help you find temporary housing or file a business interruption claim.

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